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MOUNT POCONO, November 17, 2019 – A monthly community newspaper is coming to every Mount Pocono mailbox soon.

Tom Ford, outgoing Mount Pocono council member, has announced that Rogue Operators, LLC will begin publishing “The Boro*” in early 2020.

“We are talking with a few regional web printers about handling our press run,” Ford said.  Ford plans to start distribution by March, but perhaps as early as January. UPDATE: The first issue was published  February 1
The tabloid paper will be printed on newsprint and distributed through the mail to every home and business in the Borough.  Ford noted about 1,000 additional copies will be distributed at businesses throughout the Borough.

“We plan to fill each issue with news and information of specific interest to people in the Borough,” said Ford.  Ford will to do much of the writing himself, but also plans on calling on local reporters to cover the Borough.  "I am also talking to a former newspaper  editor and a retired reporter, both of whom have expressed an interest in working on The Boro* newspaper," Ford said.

A former journalist, he would be a second-generation publisher. His father published the Pocono Mountaineer newspaper in the 1970s & 1980s. Ford was a journalist and newspaper photographer for several years before continuing on to law school.  In the early 1970s, he produced and hosted a weekly news and interview program on Blue Ridge Cable 13.

He also worked for the Morning Call daily newspaper in Allentown.  While attending and after college, he was a freelance reporter for several daily Ohio newspapers.  Ford also worked with Matthew Winkler as a news editor. Winkler later teamed up with Mike Bloomberg as a founding  co-partner and editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News.

Ford said each monthly issue of The Boro* would include coverage of Borough news, as well as upcoming events and information, making it useful for the period between publications.  By 2021 Ford hopes to publish weekly.

Each edition will contain full coverage of the Mount Pocono Borough Council, the Planning Commission, Pocono Mountain School District Board of Education, and the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Commission. Pocono Mountain East sports, plays, and student activities will also be covered. 

Local authors will be invited to pen columns related to Mount Pocono.  There will be an editorial page with opinion pieces from all sides of the spectrum, and select letters to the editor will also be featured.

Ford notes that the Pocono Record staff has been decimated over the last 10 years and that there is no other publication covering subjects important to the greater Mount Pocono Community.  The Boro* is designed to fill that empty niche.

No stranger to local politics, Ford promises that when it comes to the news, “The Boro* is going to play it straight down the line.  Oh, we will still have that ‘attitude’, but will follow journalistic norms for factual reporting.”  The editorial pages, he says with a chuckle, “Well, that’s a different story!” 

The online Boro* website will continue, Ford promises.  He said the two will complement each other.

According to the United States Post Office and the 2017 US Census estimates for the Borough, each issues of The Boro* will reach approximately 5,362 adults.


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