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Williams Assails GOP Attempt to Link Her to Anti-Police Movement

A link published by Claudette Williams’ campaign manager led to a page displaying the image on the right. Williams has disavowed the post.

MOUNT POCONO – The Monroe County Republican Party called out Mount Pocono council member Claudette Williams, who is the Democratic candidate for State House District 176 running against incumbent Republican Jack Rader, for what they perceive as an anti-police post by her campaign manager, Shawkey Darvish.

On July 21, Darvish, saying “This really changed my perspective on he whole issue”, posted a link to “whybluelivesmatter.com” on his personal Facebook page. Clicking on the link brought up a single page with an offensive image portraying a police officer with buttocks instead of a face, and the statement “They don’t. It’s a job. Get your bootlicking head out of your ass”, and ending with a vulgar expletive.

The GOP press release linked Darvish’s post with a report in The Boro on Williams’ dispute with the Pocono Mountain Regional Police over the 2% increase in 2020. The Republicans asserted that Williams supported “defunding the police” while her manager was personally disparaging them.

Asked to respond, Williams denied she supported defunding the local police. The dispute in Mount Pocono is over the cost of police services, not the quality of the policing or the need for policing. Williams, whose son is a police officer in Atlanta, was offended by the Republican insinuation that she did not support police.

In an email statement to The Boro, she said “As a decorated U.S. Army veteran, commissioner of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police, and mother of an Atlanta police officer, I have long advocated a balanced approach to policing. I recognize that our officers put their lives on the line every day. An anti-police post was made on social media by a campaign staffer several months ago that has since been deleted. I disavow that post. The post was not mine, nor does it represent my beliefs.”

Darvish did not respond to a request for comment. He removed the post after the Republican press release.

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