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Weimer Reelected to Lead Supervisors, Suggests Fire Marshall for 2021 Agenda

TOBYHANNA – At the Coolbaugh Township’s January reorganization meeting, the Supervisors returned Bill Weimer as chair and Tony Lamantia was reappointed Vice-Chair.

Erin Masker was returned as Township Secretary for 2021, and Patricia Rosendale was reappointed as Township Treasurer.

New township Controller Darren Dixon was appointed to represent Coolbaugh on the Monroe County Tax Collection Committee.

The Supervisors re-appointed resident Kurt Cummings and supervisor Tony Lamantia as Pocono Mountain Regional Police Commissioners for 2021, and named Weimer to serve on the police commission replacing Lynn Kelly. Weimer had previously served on the commission.

Supervisor Clare Colgan was reappointed to represent Coolbaugh on the Pocono Mountain Regional EMS board. Weimer was named the township’s voting representative to the Pennsylvania State Association of Townships. He was also renamed as township road master, serving without compensation.

Also reappointed were Masker and township business manager Meredith Thompson as Coolbaugh’s regular and alternate representatives, respectively, on the county Council of Governments. Supervisor Alma Ruiz-Smith encouraged them to be active voices on behalf of Coolbaugh.

Board members reappointed as liaisons to township committees were Lynn Kelly, to the Environmental Advisory Council, and Clare Colgan to Parks and Recreation.

Resident Gordon MacGregor was named chair of the EAC, while two vacant positions on the EAC went unfilled due to the lack of any interested residents. The positions will be re-advertised.

Deatra Cummings was named to the library board. George Dobson was reappointed to the Planning Commission, while William Leonard was reappointed to the UCC Board of Appeals, with resident Maryann Courtney named to that board for a term ending in 2024.

William Turner was approved to move from an alternate to a regular member of the Zoning Hearing Board and William Cummings was named to the board as a regular member with a term ending in 2023.

The board named Jacob Schray, Scott Brown, Christopher Taylor, and Pamela Kemecsy, all of Hanover Engineering, to serve as the Sewage Enforcement Officers.

Patrick Armstrong and Clark Connor were reappointed as solicitors for the township and planning commission, respectively. Nick Haros was renamed special counsel for the sale of the Waste Water Treatment Plant and related legal issues. Township engineer Russ Kresge was also rehired for 2021, and Fry & Co. was renamed as independent auditor for Coolbaugh at a maximum compensation of $12,700.

Weimer announced that in 2021 he will be asking the supervisors to consider hiring a fire marshal for the township. A fire marshal, he explained, would allow the township to be proactive in protecting existing businesses and buildings to ensure they were code compliant.

The meeting schedule, on the first and third Tuesdays would continue, except that the April 20 meeting will be on the 22nd, the May 18th on the 19th, August 3 to August 2, and November 2 on the first. Until further notice, all meetings will be conducted using the Zoom platform. The township website has connection information.

Thirteen township holidays were established and bills of $166,425.78 were paid.

The next meeting of the supervisors is February 2nd, at 6pm.

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