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Tributes to Lori Noonan on her 30 years of outstanding service to Mount Pocono

Reprinted from the March 2020 edition of The Boro

As news spread that 2020 marks Lori Noonan’s 30th year as our Borough Secretary, we began to receive congratulatory notes. Representing former mayors, council members, and community leaders spanning the entire time of her service to the Borough, they provide a comprehensive picture of the value of Lori’s dedicated service to our Borough over the last three decades. We had planned a feature article on this special and valuable public servant, but realized that the witness of the people she has worked with over three decades really says it all.

So, we are pleased, and proud, to share these grateful testimonials with our readers! Dear Lori,

I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the wonderful job that you have been doing for the Borough of Mt. Pocono for the past 30 years.

In your role as Secretary/Treasurer, you've demonstrated your ability to add great value to everything that we are doing with your dedication and resourcefulness. Thanks to your hard work, we have been able to do a better job serving our residents and keeping up with the demands of the Borough.

Your contribution and dedication are a reflection of your priorities as an individual and the importance that you place on doing a good job. You should know as a Councilman I am grateful for everything you have done in your role as Secretary/Treasurer of the Borough.


Francis R. O'Boyle


Borough of Mt. Pocono

During his 65 years in the Borough, Fran O’Boyle has served as mayor, assessor, auditor, tax collector, planning commission member, zoning hearing board member, council member, and on the municipal authority. He is currently vice-president of Borough Council.

Dear Lori,

Congratulations!! Lori, I’m happy to add my thanks and appreciation for all you did to make my job as a former councilman easier over those three decades!

I can remember when you started you were a breath of fresh air, and it didn’t take you long to rise to the challenge to take on the role of Secretary/Treasurer.

The dedication and passion was obvious at every meeting, and many extra meetings – especially tyhe long and late ones when you were also rasing a family.

So . . . know that you made a difference in making the residents and Mount Pocono PROUD!

John Scalamandre

John Scalamandre served on Borough Council for 30 years, after being on the planning commission for 12. He also served on Parks & Rec, and was a driving force behind creation of the Oak Street park.

To the editor:

I would just like to publicly congratulate Lori on her 30 years of service. She has been a pillar for the Borough.

As a member of Parks and Recreation, I have had to rely on her specifically when we have our First Friday events monthly. She routinely helps me every time with the prep, making sure there is Charcoal for the grill, getting me the key to the shed etc.. This is typically after her work hours but she always very gracious and glad to help out.

Lori is always there for us at Parks and Recreation to guide me and help out with all of my (what seems like) endless questions. I depend on her for everything and she never disappoints!

Debra Fulton

Vice President

Mount Pocono Parks and Recreation Committee

Dear Lori,


I could probably stop right there. I want to congratulate Lori Noonan on 30 years of service, dedication, commitment, loyalty, and most of all, LOVE for the Borough of Mount Pocono. I know first hand that’s how you were viewed by Mayor Golowich, Joe Murray, Jim Bressett, Angie Noonan, and all of the very first Mount Pocono Association members.

I have always been able to come to you and get help regarding any matter concerning the store, the MPA, or the Borough!

I know if Muriel or Bill were here they would echo my sentiments of “Thank You” and “We Are Grateful”!

Vincent April,

The Olde Village Shoppe

Vinny is the second-generation owner-manager of The Olde Village Shoppe, 50 years in downtown Mount Pocono. He was president of the original Mount Pocono Association for 15 years and is vice-president of the new MPA.

Dear Editor,

In light of Lori Noonan’s 30 year anniversary as the Mt. Pocono Borough Secretary, I’d like to extend a warm & humble congratulations to her for such an extensive length of service to her community!

I’ve only known Lori for a few years, but I can attest to the fact that she has helped me numerous times with various business situations as well as the many times that she has assisted the Mt. Pocono Association with our endeavors. She made our first year of navigating the Harvest Fest back down town that much easier! Her extensive knowledge of the borough’s in’s & out’s gets me answers in one phone call!

A great big shout out to Lori! Thanks for 30 years!

Best Wishes,

Jodi Bohdal

Pocono Rocks!

President, MPA

Dear Editor,

Time seems to pass us by so rapidly. It is with fondness that both my wife and I remember our years in Mount Pocono.

Lori Noonan is more than a fond memory, she became family. She was that person one could count on for truthfulness, one could depend on and trust as a friend.

Lori's eyes and ears were open to the interests of not only Mount Pocono as a borough, but to the concerns of the individual residents as well.

Happy 30th Lori,

Best regards,

Mayor Dan & Gloria (McDavitt)

‘Mayor Dan’ was a member of council from 2006 until he bacame mayor in 2010. He retired in 2012.

To the Editor:

Lori is, of course, the institutional memory of the Borough and the person to whom all went to ask why things were done in certain ways (alternatively, why things weren't done in different ways!).

My best memories of Lori are her answering wide-ranging questions ,whether from a walk-in constituent or a young Mayor, with a knowledge and precision that was inspiring.

And she's never stopped trying to make each elected official the best they could be. The Borough is so much better for it.

Fred Courtright

Mayor, Borough of Mount Pocono 2013-2018

Before becoming mayor, Fred Courtright was a member of council for a number a years, prior to which he served on the planning commission for eight years. He relocated to Florida in 2018.

Dear Lori,

Thank You Lori for 30 years of hard work and dedication to our Borough. People like yourself are and always will be our boroughs greatest assets. We look forward to your ongoing contributions.


The DeLano Family

Dear Editor:

Twenty-three years has passed since an energetic young woman Lori spoke "take the elevator down, and turn right", this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Tasking all aspects of Borough Business , and the rapid succession of development, everything from Wal-Mart to Lowes and WAWA, and everything in between, she also was the Ambassador to the many developers, and their entourage of attorneys and engineers.

As she morphed into the virtual Borough Manager, she took on many additional projects, including working with the architect for numerous improvements to the The Borough Building, and The PennDOT Project Manager, for the Borough's largest … The Five Points Interim Plan Phase One, which took two years.

So dedicated, she worked long nights and weekends, putting her family on hold, just to finish her regular duties, to get us our information on time for the many meetings.

She was eager to teach, and answer thousands of questions to residents and Council and teamed with her co-workers,including her faithful right arm Diana. Christmas was a special time for her, as she decorated the Building and Downtown with the Road Crew, and hosted many parties for the children.

I can happily say, Thank You Many Many Times.

Bill Jabara

Mount Pocono

Bill Jabara served on council for 12 years, from 2003 to 2015, prior to that he was very active in Borough affairs.

To the Editor:

Lori Noonan’s depth of knowledge regarding the operation of Mount Pocono Borough is unmatched. Whether you are a newly-elected councilperson, or a veteran of borough affairs, if you need an answer, you ask Lori.

Congratulations for 30 years, Lori. You are a treasure.

Jeff Woehrle

Mount Pocono

Jeff Woehrle was a member of council and planning commission for many years.

Dear Lori,

Congratulations on your 30 years with Mount Pocono Borough.

Sometimes you meet someone who is just a special kind of person, and Lori Noonan is that person. She is always willing to help in any way she can and she does it with a smile.

She has helped me in so many ways since moving up to Mount Pocono and it is a pleasure to know someone who is genuine and kind and compassionate.

I just would like to thank Lori for being the person she is.

She is a ray of sunshine for Mount Pocono!

Robin LaForge


Mount Pocono Parks and Recreation Foundation

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