• Matt Hensel

The Counter-Intuitive Endorsement

On Tuesday, vote for policy, party, pride, or any combination of the three. However, I am asking for one small favor to save Mount Pocono in the form of a vote for strategy.

Please vote for Claudette Williams (D) for State Representative.

Before you choke on your breakfast cereal, let me explain. The anti-Williams postcards that you are by now, no doubt drowning in, are, unfortunately, genuine.

Yes, the Borough is running an almost half-million dollar deficit.

Yes, she did try to double the Council's salary. (More egregious was the attempt at making 100% taxpayer-funded health care to Councilmembers).

Yes, we are involved in not one, not two, but three separate labor disputes with employees who have now chosen to join the teamsters union.

The claims of her "defunding the police", while factually accurate, imply a social injustice intent. In reality, it is about whether or not Mount Pocono can afford Pocono Mountain Regional.

The hits keep coming, and you can lay most of it at the feet of her leadership*. So why should we give her a promotion? Stay with me on this.

President Williams has three more years left on her Council term. She also has no one to oppose her as president. So, send her to Harrisburg. There her effect is diluted in a pool of 203 other delegates.

I have no personal or political motivations regarding removing Rep. Jack Rader(R). He is a good representative and an excellent human being. His defeat would be considered a loss. However, Mount Pocono is not likely to survive three more years of Williams' leadership*. Taxes will go up significantly. Improvements will not be made. We are likely to stumble into more lawsuits. She was defeated in 2018 and we have no reason to believe that if defeated in 2020 she will not try for another seat in 2022. Mount Pocono is clearly not her top priority. It is notable that none of her recent campaign postcards tout her successes as Council President. There are none. That is a fact.

Our best bet to move our town forward** is to practice addition-by-subtraction. Please swallow your pride and better judgment and vote to send Claudette Williams to Harrisburg.

*If you've watched the three-hour dysfunctional board meetings, you will understand that I use the term "leadership" loosely.

**note: I felt "save our town from the brink of desperation" would feel hyperbolic despite its truth

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