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The Boro Expands Coverage, Circulation, and Publication Schedule

Starting with the September 11 issue, The Boro will publish every other week and increase mailed circulation from 1,997 to 10,022, for a total readership at over 21,000!

MOUNT POCONO - Beginning in September, The Boro newspaper moves from monthly to bi-weekly publication, together with a five-fold circulation increase.

“The demand is clearly there,” said Tom Ford, The Boro’s editor. “The Top of the Mountain Community has no reliable, consistent, or complete source of news and information about what is going on in Coolbaugh, Mount Pocono, Tobyhanna, and the surrounding area.”

Starting in July, the community newspaper began coverage of municipal meetings in Tobyhanna and Coolbaugh Townships. In September, residents of those towns will receive The Boro by direct mail, through the United States Post Office.

The paper began printing in February, mailing around 2,000 copies to every residence and business in Mount Pocono. One thousand additional copies were distributed through grocery stores, waiting rooms, salons, restaurants, and more, in the greater Mount Pocono area.

In September, it will mail 10,022 copies to homes and businesses in Mount Pocono, Coolbaugh, Tobyhanna, Pocono Pines, Pocono Lake, Pocono Summit, and Blakeslee. Over two thousand additional copies will be distributed at hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, grocery stores, and dozens of other controlled distribution sites within a fifteen-mile radius of Mount Pocono.

According to audited data for Community Newspapers, published by the Circulation Verification Council, each bi-weekly;y issue will have a readership of over 21,000. This will give The Boro both the largest circulation and readership in the top of the mountain community.

Ford said that the paper has managed to keep costs down, so that advertisers can not only reach more of the people they want to reach, they can do so at a far lower cost than other publications in The Boro coverage area. “Our CPM is nearly half that of the other non-daily news publications on the mountain. That’s a significant savings and with a larger format and circulation, we are delivering more for less -- bigger ads, more homes, more readers, and less cost with the lowest CPM” Ford said. “We offer content readers want, and costs advertisers can afford. This is the same formula my family made a success with our Pocono Mountaineer and Pocono Shopper publications in the 70s.”

The Boro offers advertisers the lowest cost per 1,000 than any other publication reaching the Top of the Mountain Community!

Beginning with the first issue in September -- which should be delivered to homes and businesses on about September 11 -- The Boro will be published every other week.

“To go from a dozen issues a year to 26 in such a short time is unheard of,” Ford says. “But we don’t see any other choice if we are going to deliver the content that so many look forward to with anticipation.”

The production schedule calls for papers to hit newsstands and homes every other Friday, with advertising and news deadlines on the Fridays between publications.

In keeping with its design as a traditional community newspaper, advertising space in each issue is strictly limited to no more than 40% of content. With space limited, advertisers looking to reach the broader Top of the Mountain Community should contact The Boro at advertising@theboronewspaper.com, or by calling 570-762-2163.

Advertising information is also on The Boro website at www.theboronewspaper.com.

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