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Stay-at-Home Order Extended to Erie, as PA COVID-19 Cases reach 946, with 8 Deaths

HARRISBURG (MAR 24 2020) -- Less than a day after imposing a Stay-at-Home order on seven Pennsylvania counties, including Monroe, Governor Wolf extended the order to Erie County. In the first 24 hours after the order, novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, cases in Pennsylvania increased by 302, or almost 46%, from 644 to 946, as of 6:30 pm today, according to the Center for System Sciences and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University (CSSE). The CSSE also logged eight deaths in Pennsylvania; two each in Allegheny and Northampton Counties, and one in each of Lackawanna, Lehigh, Monroe, and Montgomery counties. After the first day under stricter shutdown orders, the affected counties have 712 reported cases, up from 488 yesterday, an increase of 224 cases, or 46%. Due to the incubation period of COVID-19, the Governor's order was not expected to show an effect in the rate of growth of the virus in such a short time. But the rate of increase in those counties lends credence to the need for more restricted contact.

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