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State New COVID Cases This Week Highest Since May, County Adds Ten Cases Today - Most Since May 14

With ten new cases added today, The Boro* analysis of Monroe County new COVID cases puts the seven-day daily average at highest since May 27.

HARRISBURG (JUN 27 2020) - Data released at noon today by the Pennsylvania Department of Health shows that the commonwealth added another 621 COVID-19 cases yesterday. This is the ninth day in a row with new cases topping 450.

A total of 3,725 positive cases were added to the state total this week. That's the highest weekly total since 4,755 cases were added in the week ending May 31. Monroe County has continued its own uptick in new cases which started just days before the county entered the green phase of reopening. The Boro* has been keeping track of the rolling seven-day average of Monroe's daily new case counts. According to the Department of Health, yesterday the county had an additional ten COVID cases. The last time the county had double-digit new cases in one day was May 14, when 12 cases were posted.

The rolling seven-day daily average of new cases for Monroe County is now at 4.43. This is the highest daily average in a month, it is also 3 1/2 times the low water mark of 1.28 new cases a day reached on June 13 and 14. For comparison, the County added 20 new cases on May 1.

The increase in new cases is not related to an increase in testing. Department of Health data indicates that the county has been testing at roughly the same rate since before the recent increase in new cases.

The state has had 84,991 COVID cases in total and, with the 24 additional deaths reported today, 6,603 have died. The total Monroe County cases is 1,401, with 108 deaths, No new deaths were reported in the county.

There are currently 651 COVID patients in Pennsylvania hospitals, with 118 on ventilators. The number hospitalized is down 24 from yesterday.

Of the 12,667 tests reported on Saturday, 4.1% were positive for coronavirus. Since testing began, 646,780 patients have tested negative for the virus.

Long Term Care Facilities account for 20,815 of Pennsylvania COVID cases (3,193 of those are employees of the facilities). While these nursing home cases account for just under one-quarter of the state coronavirus infections, the 4,528 nursing home deaths are nearly 70% of the state's death total.

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