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Shopping Cart Ordinance on Work Session Agenda Tonight

Typically, a Borough Council Work Session is used to suss out issues the Council plans to address at the next regular meeting.

But, at this month's regular meeting, the Council voted to abdicate their legislative responsibility to the Planning Commission, and refused to take up the Shopping Cart Ordinance that Council member Tom Ford submitted in November of last year. They said they didn't want to "rush" into it.

So, even though the majority voted not to consider doing something about the shopping cart problem at the next regular meeting, the Council's current president told the Borough Secretary to put it on the work session agenda and to invite retailers to attend.

In 2016, the Borough Council, which then included the current Council president and several others who voted not to take up the ordinance, promised residents that they were going to do something about the problem. When the residents returned two years later, in the Fall of 2018, the current council president again promised to do something about it. Three years after promising action, the Borough Council majority acted -- by refusing to take action. However, it is on the agenda tonight. Residents can have their say and again be promised "we're going to do something". The meeting starts a 7. Here are some questions that we have, good luck getting them answered:

  • Why not pass a fully-formed and ready to go ordinance now?

  • How will it be better if it is included in a nuisance ordinance?

  • If the Planning Commission has had this since November, why are you still waiting for them to act?

  • When the Council president told us last September that action would be taken, did she really mean that a year later she would vote not to take action?

  • Why is Council asking the Planning Commission to do Council's job for it?

If you cannot attend tonight and want to let Council know what you think, send them an email at generalemail@mountpocono-pa.gov. Be sure to let them know if you think they should finally do something now & adopt this ordinance at the October meeting -- three years to the day after they promised to so something.

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