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Shopping Cart Ordinance on Tap for Monday Work Session

On October 3, 2016 -- that's TWENTY-SIX-TEEN -- Mount Pocono residents complained to Borough Council about the shopping carts littering the Borough.

Borough Council promised action.

Last year, those residents returned with the same complaints, since nothing had been done. In November 2018, then-new Council Member Tom Ford submitted to Council a model ordinance from the Pennsylvania States Association of Boroughs adapted for Mount Pocono. Instead of advertising it and discussing it, Council sent it to the Planning Commission with instructions to invite affected business owners to their session and return any comments they had to the Council. (Note: the planning commission is supposed to deal with land use ordinances, not regulations like this one.)

Ten months later, in August 2019, the Planning Commission decided they are just going to write some big inclusive nuisance ordinance and refused to submit comments on the cart ordinance as requested.

At the Council meeting on September 3, 2019 -- 35 months after promising action, 10 months after receiving the proposed ordinance, a majority of council decided they did not want "to rush into this", and votes to not act. Instead, they outsourced their legal responsibility to draft police power legislation to the Planning Commission. Incongruently, they simultaneously set it down for discussion at the upcoming work session on Monday, September 16, and had the Borough Secretary invite affected business owners. The Borough Solicitor reviewed the ordinance prepared by Ford and made some minor adjustments based on the Council discussions. You can review and download a copy of the proposed SHOPPING CART ORDINANCE.

If you want to let them know what you think, send them an email at generalemail@mountpocono-pa.gov and be sure to let them know if you think they should finally do something now by adopting this ordinance at the October meeting -- three years to the day after they promised to so something.

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