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Rescheduled 2020 Primary Dates & Vote By Mail Information

In order to protect the health and safety of all voters, poll workers, and election officials while also ensuring access to voting, the legislature, Governor Wolf, and the Department of State worked together to pass legislation to reschedule the PA primary election to Tuesday, June 2.

Additionally, ALL Pennsylvania voters now also have the ability to vote by mail without having to provide an excuse - for any reason or no reason at all.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The coronavirus will still be active in Pennsylvania in June, we think EVERYONE should be voting by mail this year!]

You can apply for mail-in ballots online, by mail, or in person, from 50 days until one week before the election.

Please Note: If you fall into sertain categories, you must apply for an absentee ballot instead of the mail in ballot. Those voters required to obtain an absentee ballot are:

  • People whose work or vacation take them away from the municipality where they live

  • Those with a physical disability or illness that prevents them from going to the polling place

  • Members of the military

  • People who may have a conflict due to the celebration of a religious holiday

  • Inmates who haven't been convicted of a felony

  • College students who are not registered to vote at their school address

For the 2020 primary, mail-in ballot applications must be received by the county election office by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 26. They must be actually received by the election office before the deadline -- postmark does not count.

Applying online is very easy and quick, and even better, if you enter your email address, you will receive notifications as to the status of your application and ballot along the way. Once you receive your mail-in ballot, you now have until 8pm on June 2 to deliver your completed ballot to your county election office, but you should drop it off or mail it as early as you can to ensure it is delivered by that time. Once again, they must be actually received by he election office before the deadline -- postmark does not count.

Voters who have already requested a mail-in or absentee ballot will receive your ballot for the rescheduled primary. There is no need to apply again if you have already done so.

Other important election-related deadlines will change along with the new primary date. The new deadline to update your voter registration is Monday, May 18. You can visit www.register.votespa.com to update your registration today.

To stay up-to-date with the latest and most accurate election information in Pennsylvania, visit votesPA.com, and check The Boro* Voter Information Page.

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