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Pocono United Way Launches 'Getting Ahead' to Help People Find Way Out of Poverty

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Beginning September 4 at 5:30 pm, at Faith UMC in Stroudsburg, for two-and-a-half hours every Wednesday for 20 weeks, a group of individuals whose dreams in life seem at the moment to be unattainable, can be informed, inspired, and shown how to map their own future story.

Trained facilitators will be helping local residents from all walks of life improve their overall quality of life, giving them the tools and the resources to do so. The Getting Ahead program serves to address poverty in the community, and empowers individuals to lift themselves from need to self-sustainability. The program is designed to help people living in poverty learn about how poverty impacts them and their communities. Getting Ahead guides participants, called “investigators,” in identifying resources and setting goals to increase those resources. Ideally, the program includes community support to help investigators address barriers such as bad credit, unemployment, difficulty with transportation, lack of affordable housing, high debt and physical and mental health problems.

Investigators graduate from the program with a greater understanding about how to begin getting ahead while living in poverty. They gain practical knowledge, such as how to avoid financial predators, what kind of rent they can afford, what kind of interest can be legally charged, and how to navigate different systems in their communities. They also gain greater knowledge of themselves and what kind of resources they need to move forward. By the end of the program, they will have created a personalized plan to help create their future story.

The program is not only free, but a meal and daycare is provided, and, for registrants who complete the entire program, they will earn a stipend of $20 per session, for a total of $400. To apply for the program, see the Getting Ahead Participant Interest Form

For more information, contact Misozi Houston, Financial Stability Manager, Pocono Mountains United Way, 570-517-3956, Misozi@PoconoUnitedWay.org

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