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PMSD Ahead of the Governor with Chromebook Handouts and Extensive Distance Learning Resources

PMSD Home Learning Resources Page

SWIFTWATER (MAR 27 2020) -- This afternoon the governor signed legislation shortening the school year and requiring public schools to develop distance learning programs. Before the Governor's order, the Pocono Mountain School District was already providing materials and information supporting parents' efforts to create a schedule, structure, and daily routine while children are at home.

They created, and then expanded, the PMSD Home Learning Resources Section to help parents ensure continuity of education for district students throughout the school closures. The pages contain a robust offering of educational enrichment and review resources and activities for students of all abilities in grades Kindergarten to 12. 

The District put together a multi-phased educational learning plan for students,  with three initial stages: 

Phase 1, for Week 1 of the school closures: District Administrators encouraged students to use the web-based educational resources that are always available to students through the District website to engage in educational enrichment and review of skills previously learned in the classroom. In order to facilitate distance learning, the District conducted a Chromebook handout for students without access to a device that could access the web.

Phase 2, for Week 2 of the school closures: District Administrators created the PMSD Home Learning Resources Section on the District website with individual pages of resources for each grade level, students with disabilities, students who are mentally gifted and English Language Learners. Online resources cover core curricular areas.

The section even includes sample daily schedules for parents to help them plan their children's days during Week 2.

There are also virtual educational field trips available to students. Phase 2 educational offerings provide a more expanded educational enrichment and review experience for students. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace on materials to reinforce and practice their skills at Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Health/Physical Education. 

Phase 3, for Week 3 of the school closures: District Administrators expanded the PMSD Home Learning Resources Section on the District website to include new Extended Learning Activities resources pages for Grades K-2, 3-6, 7-8, and 9-12.

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