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Nov 5th Elections: Former Council Member Jeff Woehrle Endorses Davis & Ford

(Nov 3, 2019, Mount Pocono) By Jeff Woehrle

As another election draws near, Mount Pocono finds itself at an important crossroads. While every election is significant, this November will shape the direction of our town at a critical moment.

Our country has seen significant economic growth over the last two years, but Mount Pocono lags. Surrounding townships have successfully hitched their wagons to this growth and are reaping the benefits of countless jobs and fresh tax revenue.

Sadly, most current Mount Pocono Borough Council members are content to accept also-ran status for the borough and seem resigned to the inevitability of distressed city status. Indeed, some seem to salivate over the prospect of it. Such a designation would not be a win.

Mount Pocono can do better. Mount Pocono MUST do better.

To that end, I humbly ask voters to consider casting their ballots for two candidates running for Mount Pocono Borough positions:

Karl Davis for borough council member and mayor. Karl will bring back some badly needed experience and stability to borough government. He is methodical and focused. Mount Pocono needs both right now.

Tom Ford for borough council member. Tom brings a wealth of business acumen to the table and is adept at crafting effective ordinances…and is even in favor of deleting some current ones!

This isn’t about turning anything red or blue. One gentleman is a Republican and the other is a Democrat. This is about getting qualified people back on Mount Pocono Borough Council, before it is too late.

I thank you for your thoughtful consideration. No matter what, don’t forget to vote.

Jeff Woehrle

Jeff Woehrle is a long-time Mount Pocono resident. He owns and operates Woehrle’s Bait Shop Route 940 & Park Avenue in Mt Pocono. Jeff was a member of Mount Pocono Borough Council until December 2017, when he retired. While on Council, he served as Vice-President, chair of the Streets & Building Committees, and on the Borough Finance Committee. Jeff was also a member of the Mount Pocono Planning Commission.

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