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Nov 5th Elections: Council Member Hensel Endorses Davis & Ford

(Nov 2 2019, MOUNT POCONO) By Matt Hensel, Mount Pocono Borough Council Member

As Jerry Springer would say "and now it's time for my final thoughts"

On November 5th, you should vote for the people who are responsible for the most significant changes in Mount Pocono.

You should vote for Jodi Safianow-bohdal, Colleen McGuire, Vincent April, Karen & Don Struckle, and every other member of the Mount Pocono Association for their contributions to Harvestfest and the safety of our downtown.

You should vote for Debra Fulton and Robin LaForge for their contributions to the Mount Pocono Parks and Rec Commission and Foundations. Without them, there would be no First Fridays, Hometown Heroes banners, and improvements to the ball fields.

Unfortunately, none of these people will be on the ballot. However, you can vote to keep Mount Pocono Borough Council Member Tom Ford (D). He created the Parks and Rec Foundation and rebooted the Mount Pocono Association. He's written more ordinances in two years than likely any Councilmember, ever, period. You may not agree with him all the time. You may not agree with his approach. However, you cannot deny his unyielding drive to improve this town and the quality of life for its residents.

I also recommend that you vote for Karl Davis (R) for both Mayor and Councilmember. Similar to Mr. Ford, you may not always agree with Mr. Davis or like his approach but he too has a body of work as a former Councilmember that proves his dedication to improving Mount Pocono.

I recommend that you practice bullet voting. You do not need to choose 4 Councilmembers despite there being four Councilmember seats available. This is the sure-fire way of upsetting the current majority in control of the Council.

Should you choose to not bullet vote, I also recommend that you vote for Ronald Emilie Sr. (R). Mr Emilie has served this community for many years as part of the Search and Rescue team and the Mount Pocono Municipal Authority. I would be happy to sit with him on Council and work to bring real change to our town.

I cannot recommend any of the other incumbents. If you are of the mind to "vote them all out" then you should know that Council President Claudette Williams (D), Vice-President Francis O'Boyle(R), President Pro-tem Aida Montanez(D), and Interim Mayor Penn(D) are all on the ballot this year.

Again, as Jerry would say "Till next time take care of yourself, and each other."

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