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TONIGHT - Mount Pocono Safety Meeting

6/17 UPDATE As of today (the day of the meeting), there has been no update or correction to the announcements made at the Borough Council meeting two weeks ago, by Montanez, Penn, & Williams, about the legislators and PennDot attending the meeting tonight.

If Penn, Williams, & Montanez did invite them, and learned that the legislators & PennDot would NOT be there tonight, the community would expect to have been told so. Mount Pocono Mayor Michael Penn, Council president Claudette Williams, & member Aida Montanez, have announced their plan to address resident pedestrian safety concerns to replace the Sidewalk and Safety Commission they rejected at their last meeting.. On Monday, June 17, Penn said they will "devote some of our monthly work session time to a Safety and Sidewalk Working Group", according to a statement he issued. Williams, the Mayor said, had also arranged for State Senator Mario Scavello, Representative Jack Rader, and Congressman Matt Cartwright to be part of the working group on Monday. Penn, who has several times announced that he received permission from Penn Dot for the installation of 3D Crosswalks downtown, also said that he would arrange for Penn Dot representatives to attend the meeting as well. Residents concerned about pedestrian safety and interested in participating should attend the Borough Council Work Session on Monday, June 17, at 7 pm, on the second floor of the Borough building. UPDATED There seems to be some confusion. Council member Montanez is now denying that legislators were invited. "At no time did any of the above mentioned ever state any of them would be at the meeting", she said in a Facebook statement which appears to conflict with the mayor's Facebook statement from a week ago. UPDATE to the UPDATE In a further Facebook statement Council member Montanez now says, " Yes... invitations were made." Since the mayor's announcement about ten days ago, there has been no indication that the attendees promised at both the council meeting by Williams, and in Penn's announcement, would not be there.

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