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Letter to Borough Residents from Mount Pocono's Emergency Management Coordinator

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Mount Pocono residents,

As America comes together to deal with an existential threat, it pays to take a moment to review what we can all do to help, and the reasons behind it.

Foremost is to limit contact and potential spread of the virus. To be sure, nobody wants anyone to get sick. Indeed, isolating yourself and your family as much as possible limits the chances of contracting the virus at all. Is it possible you could remain totally unscathed as the virus passes? Absolutely. However, it is equally vital that we do not get sick all at once. The United States has a massive healthcare infrastructure that is the envy of the world. Even here in Monroe County we have hospitals as numerous as banks. Still, we do not have the capacity to treat everyone simultaneously . . . particularly if those who staff those facilities are themselves hobbled by illness. By limiting social contact, you not only increase your chances of skipping this virus entirely, but you also ensure that an even flow of patients that inevitably DO get the virus will have seamless care, even if resources become limited.

Equally important is to keep yourself informed. It should be said that Facebook and daytime talk shows on the TV networks should probably not be your sole choices. The CDC has a website (https://www.cdc.gov/) , as does Pennsylvania’s own Department of Health (https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Coronavirus.aspx). Both sites offer a wealth of ACCURATE and timely information. Press briefings are happening multiple times per day as this situation unfolds. Know what is happening from the sources, not by way of rumor or partisan filter.

Financial assistance for those impacted is increasing by the day and will continue to increase. Keep yourself aware of what’s available to help you and your family if you have the need.

We are in for a rough ride here, but we are Americans. We will get through this together.

Stay safe and stay informed.

Jeff Woehrle

Emergency Management Coordinator

Mount Pocono Borough

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