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Kerrick Returned as Chair in Township Reorganization

POCONO PINES – The Tobyhanna Township Board of Supervisors reorganized on January 4 and returned John Kerrick as chair. Supervisor Dave Carbone was also reappointed to the vice-chair role. Supervisor Brendon Carroll was reappointed Township Treasurer.

Supervisor John Holahan opposed all three of those reappointments. He also objected to Carbone’s reappointment as the Chief Administrator of the Township Non-Uniformed Pension Plan and as the deputy Emergency Management Coordinator. Carbone was also tagged to represent the township on the Pocono Mountain Regional EMS board.

Crystal Butler and Betsy Tiene were unanimously appointed as Township Secretary and Assistant Secretary, respectively. Butler was also reappointed as the supervisors’ recording secretary. The board unanimously appointed Gregoire Romulus as Assistant Treasurer.

CJ Dickerson was renamed 2021 Emergency Management Coordinator and Township Manager Bob Bartal was appointed Township Safety Coordinator. Supervisors Carbone and Carroll, with resident David Moyer, were reappointed as township representatives on the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Commission. Supervisor Lloyd Vought was tagged to represent the township on the county Council of Governments again, with Assistant Township Manager Autumn Canfield named COG alternate.

The supervisors renamed Holahan as representative to the Top of the Mountain Open Space Advisory Committee. Reappointed to the Fire Commission were Carbone and Kerrick, along with Joseph Colyer, Tia-Marie Fritz, and Mike Erlsten. Tiene was named the Open Records Officer for 2021.

Carroll was unanimously named the supervisor representative to the Monroe County Tax Collection Committee. Dick Metzgar was renamed chair of the vacancy board, with only Holahan voting against.

Township meetings will continue to be on the first and third Mondays at 6 pm.

Grim, Biehn & Thatcher, was reappointed as solicitor for the supervisors and the planning commission, at $165/hour. Elliott, Greenleaf, and Dean was reappointed as Township Labor Counsel at the rate of $230/hour. High Swartz was reappointed as solicitor for the UCC Appeal board at $200/hour. High Swartz was also reappointed as township conflict counsel, at $200 an hour. All of the legal rates are the same as last year.

The board named all five supervisors, the Township Manager, and Assistant Manager as delegates to the Pennsylvania Township Supervisors 2021 Annual Convention; Holahan was designated as the township’s voting delegate to the convention.

Brian Oram was retained as the township soil expert for 2021 on an as-needed basis with respect to sewage and septic issues, at the same rates as 2020. L&V Engineering was renamed as Traffic Engineer at $90 an hour, and Pennoni as alternate traffic engineers at $180 an hour.

Township SEO Jonathan Shupp was renamed SEO for 2021, Stephen Gitch was appointed alternate, and Hanover Engineering was appointed second alternate SEO. George Ewald was reappointed as Sewage Hearing Board for 2021. The supervisors set the fee schedule for 2021 with the proviso that they review them at the January worksession.

At the regular meeting immediately following the reorganization, the supervisors voted 3-1 (Carbone had fallen off the online meeting temporarily), with Holahan opposing, to place Edwin Miller and Mike Erlsten on the Planning Commission. Vought, Kerrick, and resident Steve Pine were reappointed to the Neighborhood Improvement District Authority.

On the Economic Development Authority Adam Kerrick was a new appointment for a six-year term, and Kalahari General Manager Daryl Morris was appointed to fill William Van Gilder’s unexpired term ending December 31, 2021. The supervisors were told no other applicants were received for the EDA positions.

Mike Christian was unanimously reappointed to the Building Code Board of Appeals for a five-year term ending January, 2026. Vought and Kerrick were reappointed to the Sewer Authority, Vought for one year, Kerrick for five years. No letters of interest were received for the opening on the Zoning Hearing Board, so it will be re-advertised.

Interim bills of $23,743.22 were approved.

In the public comment portion of the meeting, resident Ed Tutrone asked about a consultant hired to evaluate the administrative needs of the township. Tutrone said he thought the consultant was paid “About $10,000 of our taxpayer dollars.” Holahan told him it was “close to $15,000”, and that he could review a copy of the report at the township offices. Asked what was done with the report, Holahan said, “We paid the bill and then didn’t follow any of the recommendations.” Carroll objected, saying the township did accept some of the recommendations. Kerrick agreed and noted the report was also received during the COVID shutdown.

The next meeting was supposed to be Monday, February 1, at 6pm, but was postponed due oto the weather. No rescheduled date has been set.

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