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Everyone is Depending on YOU to Answer the Census - Do it Today!

It is vital that every Monroe County resident responds to the US Census. The Constitution requires a census count every ten years. The result of the census will have a big impact on your life. For one thing, the results determine how many representative the state gets. Right now, Pennsylvania has the least number of representatives it has had for 100 years! The census also determines the amount of federal funding Pennsylvania receives for important programs and services, including Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the National School Lunch Program, Title I Grants to Local Educational Agencies, Special Education grants, Head Start, highway planning and construction, housing loans, rural rental assistance payments, and unemployment insurance administration. Pennsylvania receives almost $27 billion each year for federal programs, or about $2,000 for every Pennsylvania resident each year. The 2020 census will determine our share of federal funds for ten years. These programs critical to Pennsylvania families are funded according to Pennsylvania’s Census count, and we simply cannot afford to jeopardize that funding or those programs. There is no “recount”. For the health and safety of our residents, for the health and safety of our communities, this funding must be preserved; and to do that, everyone must be counted. Responding to the census does not pose any safety or security issues. Under the law, Census answers can't be used against an individual, and data security is managed by security experts operating at the highest levels. The U.S. Census Bureau is prohibited by law from releasing any information that identifies individuals. Responses can be made on line. You should have received a postcard in late March or early April. If you missed that postcard, watch the mail – a final reminder will be sent at the end of March. Please respond as soon as you can so that we can be sure that Pennsylvania received its fair share for the next ten years! Your voice matters in shaping Pennsylvania's future. For more information and resources related to the 2020 U.S. Census, please visit pa.gov/census.

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