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Dozens Gather for Rush Hour Equal Justice Demonstration in Downtown Mount Pocono

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Equal justice demonstrators lined 611 in downtown Mount Pocono today. (Boro* Photo)

MOUNT POCONO (JUN 9 2020) – After watching Scranton, Wilkes Barre, and Stroudsburg host demonstrations and marches in response to the death of George Floyd, friends Chris Lee and Charles Love “felt we needed to being a little of that light to Mount Pocono,” as Lee put it.

So the former Pocono Mountain West graduates organized an awareness demonstration on the main street section of Mount Pocono for rush hour on Tuesday, June 9. Several dozen local residents gathered on both sides of 611, near the Fairview Avenue intersection, with home made signs, encouraging drivers to honk and flash their lights in support. And nearly all of them did, with enthusiasm.

Charles Love, left, and Chris Lee, organizers of today's demonstration in Mount Pocono. (Boro* Photo)

“We can’t let this end,” Love said, with horns honking and equal justice chants punctuating his comments. Love said he wants to help “just keep people aware, keep it going. It’s now or never.”

Lilah Diaz, of Mount Pocono, who attended several of the recent Monroe County events, said she wants “people to understand this is not against anything, it’s to make it better.”

Jair Guardia, of Tobyhanna, was there with his sister, Gladys Guardia, and friend Max Reinhardt. They appreciated the opportunity to help bring awareness locally.

All of the attendees we spoke with offered similar refrains – the desire to keep the conversation going, to leverage the “worldwide civil rights movement” Love said has been sparked, to help bring change and awareness.

“I also want people to get out to vote,” Love said, “they have got to get out, get registered, and vote.”

(Ed. note: This article has been edited to correct the spelling and relationship of Jair Guardia and Gladys Guardia.)

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