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Do-it-Yourself Dog Grooming Tips From The House of Paws

Kenny Hovi, and another happy client.

While under a stay-at-home order, many businesses have not been able to operate. One greatly missed seems to be pet groomers (perhaps even before human groomers). So we asked one of the most popular pet groomers in the Poconos, Kenny Hovi, from House of Paws, his multi-award-winning grooming & boarding business in Tobyhanna, to provide some do at home tips.

TOBYHANNA (MAY 19 2020) -- Here are some maintenance tips to help keep your fur baby feeling good until you can get them back to the groomer!

A happy pet is a healthy pet. If your baby does not like something, do not push it! It will only make it harder for them to be cared for when your groomer opens back up.

Have everything prepared and on hand before starting. You don’t want to have to panic during the grooming.

Treats and verbal rewards for each step can go a long way!

Water temperature tip: we don’t like cold baths and neither do your fur babies. The water should not be overly hot either. Warm water is best!

Small dogs can be washed in the kitchen sink while larger breed dogs can receive baths in your bath tub.

If you give your dogs a bath, put cotton balls in the ears! You can rip them to fit your baby’s ear. Water that gets inside the ear can cause an ear infection.

I wouldn’t recommend cutting your dogs nails. You can go too far and cause them to bleed. If you decide to cut your dog’s nails, I would recommend having styptic powder on hand to stop the bleeding just incase. If you can’t find that, you can use a mix of cornstarch and baking soda. However, I don’t recomend trying to cut their nails.

If your dog has eye boogers and crust, please don’t rip it off. Apply an eye saline solution to soften the crust and then use a flea comb to comb it out after!

I would not recommend clipping or using scissors on your dog. You can do more bad than good! Sharp objects by eyes or joints is not safe without proper training!

Brushing your dog is a must. First use a brush and make sure the hair is soft and smooth. Next, use a comb to comb through the hair. If the comb won’t go through the hair, go through using the brush to help remove matts. Once the comb goes through the hair without getting stuck, you know your baby is matt free!

Do not use human shampoo! Tearless dog shampoo should be used only (preferably hypoallergenic). The same goes for tooth paste and ear cleaner. Do not use human tooth paste or human ear cleaner! When cleaning their ears, put some dog ear cleaner on a cotton ball and gently wipe the ear.

If your dog is matted, do not wash them! The matts will only get tighter and pull closer to the body!

If you wash your dog, try to blow dry them. Wet hair and skin can become a problem. Using the low setting on a hair dryer can go a long way! Kenny Hovi lives in Mount Pocono and provides grooming and cage-free boarding from his perennial "Best of the Poconos" winning House of Paws business, 203 Route 196, Ste 201 D, Tobyhanna. find them on Facebook, or call (570) 243-8442.

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