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Deal with COVID and Stay Safe by Following the Rules

My name is Dr. Marc Keuler. I am a Monroe County resident and physician. I am part of the Lehigh Valley Physician Group, practicing right here in Tobyhanna, specializing in Internal Medicine. During the past month, my patients, neighbors and friends have asked many questions about COVID-19, as they look to navigate this public health crisis. Some general rules that my family and I have been following are as follows: #1: Stay home. Only go out of your house if you need to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy. During this crisis most routine medical visits can be done at home through video or phone. Please contact your healthcare provider’s office, or visit lvhn.org or MyLVHN for additional information. #2: When you go out in public, practice social distancing. Try to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people and if you have to be less than 6 feet from someone, try to limit the time spent with them to less than two Minutes. That is the “6 feet two minute rule,” less than 6 feet for no more than two minutes. #3: Wear personal protection in public, which means a mask and eye protection (if possible). A mask can be a scarf or a bandanna. The idea is to cover your mouth and nose so that you do not touch your face. This virus enters the body through the mouth, the nose and the eyes. #4: Wash your hands. This disease is spread by touching something that has the virus on it and then touching your face. This is why hand hygiene is so important! After you touch things in public, sanitize your hands and do not touch your face. If you follow these rules it will significantly reduce your risk of getting this virus. #5: Protect the elderly. We want to protect ourselves and each other, but particularly the elderly. All age groups can get this disease, but people in their 70s and 80s are particularly vulnerable to complications from this disease which can be deadly. So please everyone, follow the rules, stay safe and be well. For additional information about COVID-19, including commonly asked questions and answers, and local testing site information, visit lvhn.org. Dr. Keuler is a primary care physician at LVPG Internal Medicine - Tobyhanna. A 1974 graduate of Stroudsburg High School, Dr. Keuler graduated from Columbia University in 1978, and is a 1982 graduate of Medical College of Pennsylvania. He has practiced medicine in Monroe County for over 35 years.

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