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COVID-EO Tips for All

Since I started Copeland’s Stream two months ago, many residents of Mount Pocono and its environs have become home-bound and in greater need than ever of stream-worthy TV. So from now on the Stream will consider single-watch shows as well as series (with acronyms to save space). Plus, with schools throughout Monroe County now closed, this month’s Stream asks: What should children be watching? To answer that question, I asked for suggestions on Facebook, and got some strange responses, including one show which IMDb reports has “numerous sex scenes.” So I did my own research, tried to reconnect with my inner child, and came up with the following: Top Choices: (1) Green Eggs and Ham (Netflix, Rated TV-7) is an animated series based on the Dr. Seuss classic, with a (voice) cast including Michael Douglas and Adam Devine. GEAH goes beyond the book with an energetic plot, high-quality animation and surprisingly nuanced characters. (2) Brainchild (Netflix, TV-G) is a science-based series covering topics such as why selfies can be deceptive, and the science behind optical illusions. Other Suggestions: (1) Onward (Disney+); (2) Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix, 3 seasons); and (3) One Day at a Time (Netflix, 3 seasons, new season on PopTV). Onward (an animated film by Pixar) was rated PG in theaters, based on a few violent scenes which reminded me of Pinocchio, so let your conscience be your guide. SOUE — a semi-serious and sometimes scary series — is rated PG by Netflix (which means adults should watch with their children). ODAAT is a “dramedy” about a Cuban-American nurse practitioner and her family, with an impressive cast including Rita Moreno. The show, which doesn’t shy away from controversy, has a main storyline involving the 17-yo daughter’s relationship with her non-binary “significant other.” (ODAAT is also rated PG by Netflix, but unlike SOUE is not available on the “Kids” setting). As for adults, I continue to recommend The Outsider, which has now completed its first season on HBO (though I’m not sure another season makes sense). Also on HBO (and Hulu) is Jane Fonda in Five Acts. Regardless of what you think of “Hanoi Jane,” the story of her life— told via interviews with Fonda and others, along with over 60 years of film, video and photographs — is as compelling as a classic novel. JFIFA reminds us that Fonda is an actress whose film performances have almost always been full of intelligence and depth; and who in her 80s is as active as ever in Grace and Frankie (on Netflix, but not for children). JFIFA also brings to life Fonda’s three marriages to famous men (Vadim, Hayden, Turner) whose accomplishments, in hindsight, may not have been equal to hers. Finally, as for other streaming TV ideas, the internet TBH is full of lists. Also, the Governor’s stay-home order may have given viewers so much time to make their own choices that I may decide to fill next month’s Stream with other non-TV subjects worthy of discussion.

David Copeland lives in Tobyhanna. His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including the Philadelphia Inquirer and now, The Boro*.

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