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Council Majority Want Almost Triple Average Compensation Paid by Other Boroughs

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

A survey conducted by The Boro* shows that the Mount Pocono Borough Council majority is trying to give itself a raise that would nearly triple the average compensation paid similar Boroughs. The move, led by Claudette Williams and Aida Montanez, would more than double their annual compensation to $1,850, from the current $900. A review by The Boro* of compensation paid by other Boroughs with roughly the same population shows that the current compensation Williams & Montanez already get is in the top tier of the amounts paid by other Boroughs. Nearly a quarter (23%) of Boroughs surveyed pay no compensation to their council members or mayors. Only four other Boroughs pay $900 or more, which is the current compensation in Mount Pocono. The average pay is about $647 -- almost 30% lower than what Mount Pocono pays now.

The Boro* looked at every borough in Pennsylvania with a populations within 100 +/- of Mount Pocono. Compensation information was obtained from their budgets, ordinances, or by direct communication. None of these boroughs provide health benefits to their council or mayor. All council members and the mayor are part time. They have only an unenforceable obligation to attend two meetings each month. Although Williams and Montanez showed up at the meeting with fully prepared and typed-out ordinances, ready to pass and sign on the spot, the proposals were not revealed on the agenda released to the public in advance of the meeting, nor did they tell other council members of their plans. At the same meeting, they also passed unannounced motions to strip employees of certain benefits and reduce the accrual of their vacation time. The budget they discussed on Monday also contains a real estate tax increase for Borough residents. More information about the meeting itself can be found in Tax, Spend, and Theft Politics Come to Mount Pocono. Voting to give themselves a more than 100% pay increase were Williams, Montanez, Stacey Stewart-Keeler, and Donna Casole. Williams and Montanez were just reelected in November, but waited until December to spring their surprise pay increase. Voting against were Fran O'Boyle, Matt Hensel, and Tom Ford. Tom Neville, who was elected in November and would receive the benefit of the increase and benefits, spoke at the meeting in support of the raise and giving himself health benefits as a member of council. Council meets again on Monday, December 16, and Monday, December 23. Related Stories:

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Casole's Faux Outrage is a Joke

Casole's Faux Outrage is a Joke

If you NEED to Know What's Happening in the Borough,

You HAVE to Know What's in The Boro*!


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