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Council July 2019 Meeting Agenda & Packet Available Here

The Mount Pocono Borough Council Agenda and Meeting Packet was distributed after the close of business on Friday (our Borough Secretary puts in a great deal of extra hours). You can find it on The Boro*'s Council Agenda & Minutes Page.

In addition, two items, which Council Member Tom Ford asked to be added to the agenda, are also available through The Boro* -- a proposed Shopping Cart Ordinance, and a proposed ExcessivePolice Calls Ordinance.

Tom proposed the Shopping Cart Ordinance last November. After 8 months of review, the Planning Commission sent back a proposed ordinance which the Council found incomplete. They sent it back to the Planning Commission to complete the work. Instead, the interim mayor (who continues to serve on the Planning Commission), with the consent of council members Donna Casole and Claudette Williams, declined to do any more work on the proposal and told the council to instead adopt a nuisance ordinance. Tom had asked last October that the council president place a comprehensive nuisance ordinance on the agenda for a work session discussion, but she never did. In a letter to council members, Council Member Ford said:

"After nearly ten months, the Planning Commission decided not to follow our instructions to complete their work on the shopping cart ordinance. Their proposal for a comprehensive nuisance ordinance was the same as the one I made last October, which has never been placed on the agenda for discussion. As I said last October, a comprehensive nuisance ordinance should cover a plethora of items, some of which we already regulate, some of which we regulate poorly, and some of which we do not regulate.

"If that sounds like it might be a lot of work and take some time to evaluate, it is and will. Considering that the Planning Commission has taken nine months and not produced a shopping cart ordinance, I do not see the necessary work being done in an appropriate time frame. Rather than wait even longer, I think we owe it to the residents who have been asking for us to do something to, well, DO something."

The Excessive Police Calls Ordinance is estimated to save the Borough $15 to $35,000 a year in mostly shoplifting calls to local retail stores. Chief Wagner supports such an ordinance and agrees that Walmart shoplifting calls are a problem. At a meeting of he Mount Pocono Association, apropos of nothing, but after Tom had asked her to place the ordinance on the agenda, the council president curiously stated, "Walmart is not a problem", and the interim mayor agreed. They are the first mayor and council president to ever express that view. Either they know something Chief Wagner and all the other mayors and council presidents don't, or visa versa.



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