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Casole's Faux Outrage is a Joke

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

On Monday, Mount Pocono Borough Council Member Donna Casole voted to severely reduce benefits of our Borough road crew and employees, supported a budget that includes an almost 9% tax increase, voted to double the pay of Borough Council members, and supported giving free health insurance to Borough Council members. Every one of those changes, spearheaded by Council president Claudette Williams and Council Member Aida Montanez, were part of yet another "secret agenda" -- not released to the public, nor to other council members, in advance of the meeting. Council Member Matt Hensel appropriately unloaded on the council's selfishness and self dealing. As a result, at least they rescinded the motion to give themselves free health care. But, Casole takes offense at being called out for underhanded self-dealing at the expense of taxpayers and ORDERED the Borough Secretary to have this statement published on the "official" webpage and NOT anywhere else:

Mount Pocono should be proud to have a Council Member such as Mr. Hensel -- willing to speak truth to power and offend the mighty Casole. Your Borough Council is raising your taxes to benefit themselves, Casole shouldn't be the one outraged -- every resident and taxpayer in the Borough should be outraged! The next meeting is December 16. Please show up and speak out against this nonsense! To contact Casole, write her at: donnacasole@mountpocono-pa.gov

If you NEED to Know What's Happening in the Borough,

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