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Borough Council Special Meeting Monday to Consider Tax Increase & Developer Request to Reduce Fees

On Monday, December 23, the Mount Pocono Borough Council will hold a special meeting at 6 pm at the Borough Building. The agenda will include the 2020 budget as well as a developer request to avoid paying impact fees designated for the Parks & Recreation Budget. The current proposed budget (a link can be found HERE) anticipates an 8.75% increase in real estate taxes collected for the general fund. The 2019 budget called for $1,065,204 in real estate taxes. The current budget anticipates increasing that amount to $1,158,411 -- an increase of $93,207 over last year:

As explained in more depth HERE, this translates into a Borough 2020 millage of 4.1597, instead of 3.8250 which would be the millage without any tax increase.

Also on the agenda will be a request from a developer to be relieved of all or part of the Borough "Impact Fees" in connection with the construction of a warehouse. When the developer appeared before Council to discuss its plans, the Council asked the developer to construct a second exit from the property, connecting to and building a portion of the roadway on adjacent property for which the Borough has a right of way. The developer agreed, noting that the extra cost exceeded $450,000. In exchange, the Borough was asked to waive the Impact Fees of approximately $200,000. Impact Fees are earmarked to fund the Parks & Recreation.Committee of the Borough. The meeting begins at 6 pm. The public is invited to attend and comment.

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