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Borough Council Just Raised Your Taxes & Next Week They Meet to Give themselves a Raise

On the Monday before Christmas, Borough Council and the interim mayor played the Grinch -- raising your local real estate taxes 8.75%. Next week, they give themselves a late Christmas present, as they plan to more than double their compensation. Borough Council president Claudette Williams warned taxpayers that the budget "will have to be amended" when they raise their compensation. Council members already receive about 40% more than the average council member in boroughs the size of Mount Pocono. They are planning to more than double that and, if they do, will be receiving about triple the average borough council compensation for boroughs with populations within 100 +/- of Mount Pocono. The tax increase was passed despite strong taxpayer opposition, and in the face of Borough employees facing their third budget without a pay increase. Council previously voted to eliminate the employee health insurance opt-out payment, and to reduce their accumulation of vacation time. Supporting the tax increase were the interim mayor, the council president, council members Aida Montanez and Fran O'Boyle, as well as incoming council member Thomas Neville. Voting against a tax increase were Matt Hensel, Tom Ford, and Donna Casole. Council has scheduled another meeting for December 30 to vote on whether they will give themselves a raise.

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