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Aldi Starts One-Way Aisles and Customer Limits Tomorrow

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

BATAVIA IL (APR 8 2020) -- Aldi, Inc. announced today further COVID-19 mitigation steps will go into effect tomorrow, Thursday, April 9, at all of its stores, including the Mount Pocono and Stroudsburg locations.

Aldi stores will limit shoppers to five per 1,000 square feet and will impose one-way aisles for shoppers. Shoppers will enter at one entrance and proceed through the store in one direction, with no "backtracking" in order to help enforce physical distancing. Aldi previously enacted a policy of sanitizing every cart after each customer use, along with waiving it's famous "25 cent deposit" for carts.

Other measures being enacted is asking customers to limit shoppers to one person per family and allowing medical professionals with ID to go to the head of any line outside the store. Customers awaiting entrance will be asked to maintain six feet of distance between one another.

The chain will also be taking the temperature and medically screening all employees at the beginning of their shifts. Employees with fevers, who have COVID-like symptoms, or have been in contact with COVID-positive persons, will be sent home.

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