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CLASSIFIED ADS are accepted for the print edition up to the 19th of each month for publication in the following month issue.  Classified ads will be placed online within 48 hours of acceptance and run until the first of the month following the delivery of the print addition.  There is no additional charge for online publication of classified ads.

Classified ads are $10 for up to 25 words and $6 for each additional ten words after that.  Telephone numbers (ten numbers), website URLs (without "www"), and cities are counted as one-word each.

Special formatting, artwork, and custom typeface may incur additional charges.  Display advertising on the Classifieds pages will be subject to display advertising rates.

No frequency discounts, promotions, or special offers apply to classified advertising.  However, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations will receive a 10% discount on all classified advertising.


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