Mount Pocono Borough Code of Ordinances Available Online

For the first time ever and anywhere, The Boro* is providing an online copy of the complete Mount Pocono Borough Code, including general, subdivision, and zoning ordinances.

We have converted the Code so that it is word searchable, and can be downloaded.  Within the various sections of the Code, we have also provided links permitting you to jump to the particular section in which you are interested.

WARNING - We are providing you with the documents we obtained from the Borough in September 2019.  While we believe these to be correct and complete, if you need to be certain of the exact current provisions of any portion of the Code, contact the Borough offices to obtain the current version of the law. (It's also a really good idea to talk to a lawyer, too!)

The Code can be viewed, searched, or downloaded at the links:

Borough Code Table of Contents, with links to the individual parts


1.          General Provisions
5.          Auditor 
8.          Authorities, Municipal 
24.        Local Government Investment Trust 
29.        Pensions 
32.        Planning Commission
35.        Police Department 
43.        Secretary and Treasurer.


52.        Airport Zoning
55.        Alarms
59.        Animals 
68.        Buildings, Unsafe 
71.        Burners, Boilers and Furnaces, Outdoor 
72.        Burning, Open 
77.        Construction Codes 
78.        Construction Codes, Uniform 
80.        Curfew 
84.        Driveways
100.      Floodplain Management 
103.      Graffiti 
106.      Hazardous Materials
111.       Hunting 

115.      Insurance
122.      Laser Beam Pointers
128.      Loitering 
140.      Official Map 
142.      Peddling and Soliciting
149.      Property Maintenance
154.      Rental Property 
160.      Sewers 
164.      Signs
165.      Signs, Building Number & Street
167.      Skateboards, Scooters etc
175.      Solid Waste
179.      Stormwater Management
183.      Streets and Sidewalks

191.      Taxation

197.      Trees 
200.      Vehicles and Traffic
201.      Vehicles, All-Terrain
204.      Vehicles, Unregistered
208.      Water
212.       Yard Sales
A217.     Cable Television Franchise

After the existing ordinances were codified as above, the Council adopted new ordinances, some amending or deleting some of the ordinances above, or adding to them.  Below are the links to the subsequent ordinances.


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